Becoming a scuba diving professional is one of the biggest and most amazing steps that you can take with your scuba diving. This could be something that then becomes a full time career for you, or it could be something that you use to pursue your passion in your spare time and spread the joy of scuba to all!
Are you thinking that you may to become a PADI Divemaster or Scuba instructor here in Costa Rica? What’s stopping you? Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I’ll be happy to help.

PADI Divemaster
The first step onto the scuba diving professional ladder is with the PADI Divemaster program. This is in general a program that lasts at least 4 weeks, ideally 8 weeks if completing as an internship, where you will be trained in all aspects of professional diving.

Once this program is complete you will be able to guide certified divers and assist on training programs. You will be able to work in dive resorts and/or shops around the world using the skills you have learnt. In addition to the standard skills, through the Divemaster program you can learn additional important skills for working in the industry, these include computer/reception skills, equipment maintenance and service skills, boat handling skills and marketing.

For more information check out the Divemaster program with me in Costa Rica.


PADI Instructor

The PADI IDC or Instructor Development course is the next step on the professional ladder. It is a program that takes all of your skills from the Divemaster program and then teaches you, the instructor candidate, how to teach and breakdown all of the PADI programs.

The course lasts approximately 2 weeks and includes not just the scuba instructor program, but also the first aid instructor program and specialty instructor training. The first aid instructor program is a prerequisite for the PADI IDC but the specialty courses are something that I like to include that broaden your experience as an instructor heading out into the industry.

It finishes with a PADI instructor exam which is adjudicated by an examiner. Through this process you are then evaluated, ultimately finishing with you as a scuba diving instructor! How exciting!!!

I have PADI IDC program in Costa Rica 5 times a year and in Panama twice a year. So I am sure there is a program that would work for you. Drop me a line or find out more information here.


When you are looking at a program it is important that you look for something that fits what you need. There are options of internships and practical programs completed over different time frames depending on what you are looking for.

The program that I have developed in Costa Rica is one of the most complete you will find anywhere in the world and covers all aspects of training to work in the dive industry covering all of the skills outlined above.  Plus, one of the fun and exciting things about it is that I offer different internships depending on your own interests, for example, marine conservation, technical diving or standard Divemaster so what’s stopping you? Live the Dream!

I have some really unique programs at the dive center that are specifically designed to assist you with your scuba career whether a divemaster or instructor. These include resort operations training, marine conservation programs and dive equipment management.

As a scuba instructor you can gain experience and then go on to teach some of these different programs with specialty instructor training.

To be able to teach instructor programs you would need to work towards the IDC staff instructor certification. With this certification you can then assist on a PADI IDC program and help and guide future PADI instructors. A really fun course to take part in and a real sense of achievement working with up and coming instructor candidates.