Tec Training

Technical diving is not for everyone. Personally, I love the meticulous planning, equipment intensive and challenge of it all. Here is just a quick run down of some of the programs I offer here in Costa Rica.

So if this is something you are thinking about, don’t hesitate to ask me any of your technical scuba diving questions.

Tec 40/45/50 & Tec Deep

With DSAT Tec Rec programs, your first step would be the Tec 40 program where you learn the basics of decompression diving. How to plan and execute a decompression dive, safety procedures and planning and equipment considerations. You then build on this with the Tec 45 program taking your decompression diving a bit further, planning dives down to 45 meters using enriched up to 100%. The third and final step is the Tec 50 (or Tec deep) program where you then practice and learn additional safety protocols, using at least 2 deco bottles and diving to a depth of 50 meters on air.

TDI Tec Programs

TDI (Technical diving international) programs are another option if you are looking to complete technical diving. The first program is the Advanced Nitrox program where you train to use enriched air up to 50%. The decompression procedures course looks at planning and executing decompression dives up to 45m. The final program, TDI Extended Range takes your technical diving to the next level with safety protocols, equipment considerations and planning to a dive depth of 55m, preparing to plan and execute a decompression dive safely and correctly.

If you would like to add something really challenging to your scuba diving CV, look at becoming a Technical dive instructor.
To achieve this goal you would need to complete training, demonstrate your technical diving skills to a whole additional level, and then assist on other technical dive programs.